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Why art is important in the learning process?

Art and creativity play a fundamental role in the evolution of childhood, however, in many ways, both seem to be the subject of little interest by the institutions. Within the school educational programs, the artistic disciplines appear in fact placed in the background compared to the others and undeniably, the alleged pre-eminence of the left brain area – responsible for reasoning – compared to the right one –  the emotional and creative epicenter.

In fact, retracing the history of philosophical and pedagogical thought, a subtle common thread emerges and connects the practice of artistic activities to communication skills and physical-cognitive-emotional development during childhood. Numerous studies seem to demonstrate that, from the earliest years of the child’s life, art contributes to improving their expressive abilities, to promoting logical-mathematical and linguistic learning, to strengthening self-awareness, to freeing the creative potential inherent in it. Ultimately, it seems to be decisive for an inner evolution of the individual.

Within the “EXPERTS PROGRAM TOOLKIT”, you will find a section dedicated to this theme, and you will understand the importance of learning based on art and the relational dimension of pedagogy, in particular from the point of view of skills development and the prevention of the risk of ESL.

In addition, we will explore several examples of art-based initiatives and share tips on how to implement art-based learning in an effective way.

Stay tuned!


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