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Conducting pilot testing sessions during a pandemic

The pilot testing of the beta versions of the MotivatEyoUth’s products is coming to an end. Across all participant countries, we teamed up with the project partners to test the products and collect feedback to improve the final versions. However, conducting these tests proved to be a challenge during these trying times, especially when it came to testing the Experts Program Toolkit (IO1).

Since implementing this testing in person was not possible, due to COVID-19 restrictions, to operate the IO1 pilot testing, 10 experts – one of the project’s main target groups – were invited to participate in 2 online meetings, via Zoom. One of the sessions focused on preventing early school leaving, with 5 experts who work with youth between 14 and 18 years old. The other session was attended by 5 experts who can intervene with ELET youth, aged between 18 and 24 years old. Both sessions briefly explained the project, its goals and products, as well as a quick overview of all units from each corresponding module of the Experts Program Toolkit.

During the sessions, we also asked the participants to explore the online game “Journey to Your Future” (IO2), the ICT Tool for Competence Assessment (IO3) and the Online Educational Platform (IO4). Their feedback as experts working with youth will be fundamental in improving our project’s intellectual outputs and delivering useful and user-friendly products to future youth and youth experts.

All online sessions were a success, due to the engaged participants who were keen to provide us their feedback and ideas on all intellectual outputs. In general, all participants agree on the importance and relevance of the project’s deliverables, considering them appealing, well-structured, and informative. In this sense, the project team is happy for being able to contribute to the pressing need of preventing early school leaving in the EU through practical and innovative solutions.

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