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Fine-tuning our Intellectual Outputs!

Now that the online trainings have taken place (more information on that here), each international partner gathered all the feedback from our participants to fine-tune and finalize the motivatEyoUth project results.

From the Online Course to the Game, ICT Tool and Online Platform, each project’s product has been revised and improved, in accordance with the feedback that all project collaborators and participants have kindly shared with us. We expect that these improved outputs will provide every youth worker the best tools to prevent early school leaving and motivate young people to continue in education.

Thanks to all the suggestions and feedback that we received, the product’s final versions will soon be available on our website for all to use and learn from. Some intellectual outputs, such as the Game, ICT tool and Online Platform, will come accompanied by a User Guide, to help you understand and take the most out of these tools.

Stay tuned for our national multiplier events during the next couple of weeks, where each national partner will introduce the project’s products and results! 

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