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The pandemic and the new challenges for education

In the past few months, the pandemic situation has sent students and teachers home in social isolation and has indelibly affected schooling in different countries. Face-to-face education is no longer possible for a while because ensuring the health of the population is undoubtedly more important.

Education thus faces new challenges and education systems are trying to adapt to new realities. The interruption of schooling and the adaptation to new ways of teaching and learning can constitute a risk for young people who were already unmotivated and emotionally distant from school.

The understanding of the ESL / ELET phenomenon becomes even more urgent, as are the strategies to counter and combat it. The EXPERTS PROGRAMME TOOLKIT that the MotivatEyoUth project is developing will undoubtedly be even more important in helping us all to face and overcome this critical moment, keeping young people motivated and connected to school and training.

Stay tuned. If we stick together, it will be easier for everything to be okay


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