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National Dissemination Event in Italy

Our Erasmus project “motivatEyoUth” has come to an end, and yesterday on June 30th, we had the opportunity to share the results that have been created during these 30 months of work within the project on our territory.

The event saw the participation of about 30 people, engaged professionally and not with young people, especially those with fewer opportunities. We had the opportunity to share and exchange views on the early school leaving phenomenon with experts in the field belonging to the world of schools, social cooperatives and social promotion associations, school managers, retired teachers and social workers.

One of the main objectives of the motivatEyoUth project, in continuity with the Europe 2020 strategy, was to promote quality youth work by providing youth workers with material and activities for the development of their skills and competencies, so that they are adequately prepared to face the risks of dropping out of school.

In 2010, the reduction of early school leaving was included by the European Commission among the objectives of the Europe 2020 strategy. Over the last ten years, the European Union has tried to guide Member States towards solving the problem that plagued, on average, one in seven students.

Many steps forward have been made, but the fight against school dropout cannot be declared over, especially if we consider the effects of the reorganization of the school, which took place over the last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, on the pupil performance.

Thanks to our project we have worked in this direction by creating tools and results that can be consulted and used free of charge by all the actors interested in the phenomenon.

During the event we presented the project, all the activities carried out by the partnership, despite the COVID-19, and we explained how to use the tools created in order to support the target group they work with and their growth path.

In particular, we have described the Toolkit contained in the e-learning platform, divided into two parts with the contents of each part adapted to the needs, objectives and abilities of the end-users:

The first part focuses on Prevention and on the experts, teachers and educators, who work with the 1st youth target group (14-18) of the project.

The second part focuses on the Intervention and the experts (youth workers, trainers, etc.) who work with the second target group of young people (18-24 years).

We also explained how to use the ONLINE GAME “JOURNEY TO YOUR FUTURE”, and the ICT tool for competence assessment. Through these tools aimed at different target groups, the experts will be able to detect who is at risk of dropping out of school, by intervening in advance, and what kind of skills young people who have prematurely abandoned any type of training path need to understand how to re-enter them again in the society.

All participants showed great interest in the topic and expressed their willingness to be involved in similar projects in the future.

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