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April Updates: Digital Education & project developements

Partner’s work on motivatEyoUth project continues, safe and sound from home in smartworking.

All partners are contributing to the finalization of the first big result of the project: the Experts Toolkit.

This toolkit is a collection of training material for experts that will be available very soon on the online project platform. The topics it will address are all very interesting and space on different themes, one of which is the Digital Education.

Today more than ever it is useful to speak of Digital Education as a set of fundamental skills to be able to juggle the world of technology that offers many benefits (first of all smartworking), but at the same time there are also many risks, for example when it comes to disseminating personal or sensitive data but also have the necessary tools to know how to recognize and evaluate the contents we come into contact on the web, for example: fake news.

In this perspective, digital education, which also includes media education, is useful for providing adults and youngsters with fundamental rules for their safety online.

This is just a small example of the topics that will be available on the toolkit and our online platform.

Keep following us to stay updated on the latest motivatEyoUth developments!


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