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Motivateyouth last meeting

On June 17th, the partners of the motivatEyoUth project met online for the latest transnational meeting of the online project.
After nearly 3 years, a project extension and a pandemic outbreak in the midst of project development, the partners met online to work together on the latest project activities as the project’s end approaches.
The meeting focused mainly on the project management tasks and the remaining activities left to complete, it was also an opportunity to reflect and think about the time spent together working on the project.
This partnership had only had the opportunity to meet in person twice; for the Kick-off meeting in Italy and the second transnational meeting in Poland, apart from this, all the activities had to be moved online not without some difficulties to adapt the original work plan to the situation imposed by the pandemic.
But as often happens, these challenges that the partnership had to face, created an opportunity to experiment with new ways of working and new tools as demonstrated by the ability of the partners to organize not one but 2 online training activities, learning and experimenting with new ways to keep attendees engaged online over a 3-day course!

Cooperation between partners was found to be essential to achieve project milestones such as testing results nationwide without the opportunity to actually recruit or meet people in person, or the aforementioned training course online as well as for project meetings transnational as essential moments to coordinate the work underlying the development of the project. Do not forget the remote participation of the partners in the final conference due to the impossibility of physically traveling to Spain as originally planned, which saw the partners connected online during the event or involved in the production of videos reporting their testimony, their experience and the impact the motivatEyoUth project has had on their organization and work, for those who have not had the opportunity to connect during the event.

Surely there was a lot to tell about this project to the participants in the final national events organized in each country of the partnership.

MotivatEyoUth can be considered an example of how organization and cooperation can lead to the achievement of good results despite the inability to meet, travel and facing program changes.
Before greeting you dear readers of motivatEyoUth, we invite you to take a look at our website where you can find interesting information on the phenomenon of early school leaving, how to deal with it in terms of intervention or prevention with all the material used during our online courses available for free and obviously do not forget to take a look at the results section where you will find all the useful tools developed thanks to the project to prevent and intervene on the phenomenon of early school leaving.

Thank you for being with us throughout the project.

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