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Final conference in Spain

The Multiplier Event organized by OPEN EUROPE was held face-to-face in two sessions due to Covid-19 restrictions in June 2021. Each of the sessions involved 10 participants from different organizations, such as schools, civic centres, adult education centres, universities and the city council.

The first session had a duration of 2 hours and a half and was divided into 2 parts. In the first part, the project partners participated online and talked about the project objectives and results as well as their experience working with this project and the challenges the consortium had to face due to the pandemic. This part was held in English. 

In the second part, the participants took part in a workshop where they were introduced to the project results and how to use them with the target groups.  People from different fields related to education and youth had the opportunity to exchange ideas and views. 

The second session saw the involvement of other ten participants and this session was held mainly in Spanish language; motivatEyoUth project was presented as well as the project results, how to use them and their practical applications with the target group in a working environment.

Despite the difficulties induced by the pandemic, all the partners found a way to take part in the final conference even if it was not possible to travel physically to Spain as originally planned.

Here you can find the video with the project partners’ online participation in the final conference organized by OPEN EUROPE.

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